We are looking for film ideas and audio / sound / spoken word ideas.

From the serious to the comedic, the soothing to the provocative, the specific to the abstract we’re looking for ideas that push the boundaries on what constitutes art, make people think, and encourage new ways of understanding ourselves and the world in which we live. The only kinds of ideas we’re not looking for are journalism or current affairs documentary.

The Selection Criteria

  • Relevance the ideas and themes that really matter to you and your community – however you might define them.

  • Talk-ability shareable content that gets people talking.

  • Timeliness things that impact people’s lives here and now.

  • Originality content that innovates.

In addition, we will also be considering the feasibility of producing your work within the resources we have available.

The Creative Briefs

In our film commissions, we want to see visual storytelling that is exciting and memorable. We’re looking for strong ideas for short-form films up to 3 minutes in duration, that demonstrate the breadth of possibility offered by film, whether through stylistic innovation, experimentation with sound, image, structure, narrative and storytelling, animation, performance, scripted drama, dance, music or any other means. They can feature or blend different artistic forms and genres within each work. If your idea would benefit from a slightly longer duration we are open to discussing this with you as long as it can be made within the available budget. Deadline 13 December 2019.

In our audio commissions, we’re particularly interested in works that represent creative storytelling in its broadest sense. We want stylistic innovation – for you to push boundaries and to create works that can surprise listeners with their inventiveness and ingenuity. We’re interested in works ranging from the very short – micro-storytelling of 1 minute or less - to audio pieces of up to 15 minutes. Works can be episodic stories, soundscapes, audio storytelling and can include spoken word, performance, drama, music, sound art, and any or all combinations that convey the idea in the best way. We’re also looking for ideas that reflect experience and places so that we can build a rich and diverse portfolio of audio works. Deadline 13 December 2019.

In our interactive commissions, we’re interested in supporting exciting concepts and ideas for immersive audio and video works that can give an insight into a powerful experience, situation or location. These may be 360 online videos, binaural audio trails in physical spaces, AR ideas or venue-based VR works. Deadline 27 October 2019.