Meet the sixteen new creatives selected as part of the Northern Round 1 call out in March 2019. They will now take part in training and development workshops with experienced professionals from the worlds of TV, film, music and sound to develop their original idea and prepare it for production. They will then be supported by approved production partners to create their work, with input from Tyneside Cinema and the BBC. The completed work will then have the chance of being selected for a new strand of programming: BBC Introducing Arts, which will showcase new artistic talent from the UK across BBC platforms, including BBC iPlayer, BBC Sounds, BBC Taster and beyond.


  • Afshan D'souza-Lodhi, age 26, writes plays, prose and performance pieces, and has submitted a piece titled “Chop Chop”, which centres around a murder in a halal butcher shop.

  • Alexandra McLeod, age 23, loves audio production and is making a podcast that explores her dad’s use of poetry to communicate with her and the rest of the family.

  • Benjamin Fitzgerald, age 23, is a musician and creating a musical exploration of the mind, focussing on the concept of mental health and how it affects the world around us.

  • Bryony Bates, age 27, is a writer and performer whose “Coleoptera” presents a multi-vocal exploration of extinction, etymology, freedom of expression, and beetles.

  • Dani Watson, age 24, is a writer whose proposal “Voices of Migration” is based on a series of interviews and creates a dramatic spoken word soundscape that interlinks stories of displacement, home and belonging.

  • Daniel Bryden, age 21, is an electronic musician whose “You and Your Stable Children” will explore the communities that live around him through a combination of voice, music and sound art.

  • Scott Brummitt, age 25, is a writer whose proposal “Waves” explores the idea that when everything is falling apart, sound can hold things together.

  • William Marsey, age 29, will be exploring his connection to his home in the North East through a patchwork of conversations and instrumental music.


  • David Spittle, age 30, creates poetry and presents a work titled “Light Noise” that uses his grandfather’s Super 8 films and an expressive soundscape to explore memory and decay.

  • Georgia Mulraine, age 21, presents from “Elephant in the Room” a spoken word self-portrait exploring what it means to me to be mixed race.

  • Isobel Clark, age 21, presents “Paper Skin” and shines a light on the experiences that one girl shares with a number of 'sugar daddies'. View Isobel’s film on BBC iPlayer by clicking here.

  • Jack Thomson, age 24, is a photographer, film-maker and choreographer, and presents a conceptual dance film that explores the fascinating story of the Alleyne sisters.

  • Jasmine Calland, age 21 from Preston / Manchester. Taking inspiration from the tradition of Harlem Balls and Vogueing Jasmine has created a piece entitled “Work This P****”, which centres around self-identifying working women from the North-West of England.

  • Naqqash Khalid, age 25, works in film, live art and theatre and presents “Before A Pack of Wild Dogs Eat My Face”, an exploration of grief and masculinity.

  • Zodwa Nyoni, age 30, is a playwright, poet and dramaturg, whose “Notes on Being A Lady” explores how women are taught from a young age that their bodies do not belong to them.

  • Ronan Mackenzie, age 21, is an animator whose “It's raining, It's pouring” will use a combination of family photos and interviews to explore the life of an elderly man as his mind starts to fade.